la Madre tan Madre (or… about moi)

1 wife and son

Welcome to my world.  I am Andrea.  I am (relatively) new to this whole mothering gig, and I love it.  So much so that I feel I must talk about it, write about it, inspire with it, share it.  Sometimes it’s obsessive, often it’s all-consuming, being a Mommy.  Each day I’m finding my balance, making my way, riding that ever-shifting ratio of selves, identities, responsibilities.   I’m just a chick, who fell in love with the coolest human I ever met, and had a baby.  And it rules.  Coolest thing in the world, I say.  Can’t stop talking about it, really.  So here I am.  Writing about the day-to-day of raising a boy, surrounded by love, in a little Mexican town.  Que Madre.

So why ¡Que Madre! ?  Because Mothering, my new favorite pastime, is cool.  Possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever done.  Fucking life-changing!  Revolutionary!  Humbling.  Soul-warming, ass-kicking, sweet-mama goodness.  Cool.  Here in Mexico, there is a saying.  When something is super-cool, hip, worthy… we say “¡Que Padre!” (literally, ‘how Fatherly!’).  Another similar compliment is to say that something “no tiene Madre”, or “has no Mother.”  In a culture that so often puts Mamas up on impossible pedestals, language cuts to the chase.  The ultimate insults always invoke some slur on one’s mother, while the highest accolade is to be “father-like.”  To this I say, “¡Que Madre! ,  dammit!”  Mommies are COOL!  We Rule!  We make you, feed you, love you, teach you, change you, heal you, we are you.  Kneel before our greatness and sing it to the heavens.  Because Mothering is Cool.


2 Responses to “la Madre tan Madre (or… about moi)”

  1. I think YOU are so cool.
    your hubby

  2. Jenna Osorio Says:

    I am a big fan of your blog! My family and I are in the process of moving to Sayulita, we have two kiddos (2 and 6). I would love to get more information on raising kids in Sayulita, schools, and any info you could give would be greatly appreciated. We are very excited to be moving!
    Thank you,

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