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Que Padre

Posted in breastfeeding, Maximo, sleep, words on June 18, 2009 by gabrea


Before I was blessed with the most adorable and beautiful Son, I was blessed with the love of the most adoring and beautiful Man: my hot husband, my best friend, my soul mate, my lover, my everything — Gabbi Villarrubia.  We just celebrated our 5-year wedding anniversary, and this summer will mark 9 years that we have been in love and in each others’ arms.  That’s a lot of time to get to know someone; to see them grow and change; watch them become the person they are meant to be, with the right love and partner by their side.  It’s a magical gift when you get to fall in love with a new side of your mate, and I am so in love with the Father that my Man has become.

I have always known that Gabbi would be a wonderful Father and Daddy.  How could he not, he who brims and gushes with love unlike any other you will ever meet?  But to see him with our Son, to see our Son light up at the site of him, this never fails to melt me.

There are times when Maximo’s intense attachment to Mama and my milk can feel challenging to a loving Daddy, bordering on rejection.  So it’s been key for Gabbi to create his own special rituals and routines with Maxxi, of which everyone’s favorite is bedtime.  Over the past month, in our efforts to separate the strong association Maximo had between nursing and falling asleep, Gabbi has become the official master of bedtime ceremonies in our home.  And mastered bedtime he has.  If I try to put Maximo to bed without nursing him, he arches his back and tugs at my shirt all through the Great Green Room.  But Gabbi hands him his blankee, reads him his night-night books, tucks him into his crib, and has him sleeping out of the palm of his hand in record time.  It is their special Baby/Daddy time, and surely a bright spot in both of their days.

This evening, after Maximo drifted off to dreamland with nary a peep, Gabbi came out of the room with a well of tears pooled in his eyes.  Tonight, during his bedtime story, Maxxi looked up at his Father, put a tiny hand on his cheek, and said, “Daddy.”  Then he said it again, and again.  And once more I melt.

Happy Fathers’ Day, Daddy!  Que Padre indeed.



Sideshow Boob

Posted in breastfeeding, Maximo, sleep on May 31, 2009 by gabrea

sideshow boob

Behold the glory that is my over-producing right breast.  You see, about a month ago (when this amazing early-morning self-portrait of my mutant breast was taken), I had stopped nursing Maximo throughout the night, in an effort to get some more sleep and sanity.  Prior to this new doctrine, my little milk-pire was waking up more and more frequently throughout the night to suckle on his sweet chi-chi (“chi-chi” being the Mexican term for baby-booby, as well as the name of a now-defunct Mexican chain restaurant where yours truly grew up on PB&J burritos and fried ice cream in scenic Louisville, KY).  So we employed some techniques from The Sleep Lady, and Dr. Michael Cohen, and within a week or so, managed to have our babe sleeping through (most of) the night, resulting in a ridiculous, mutant-level amount of unused milk produced by my dominant right boob.  I seriously considered running off and joining the carnies with this little sweetie.  But then I remembered the last carnival I went to in Mexico… and decided to ride it out with my trusty pump.