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I ate the eyeball!

Posted in feeding, Maximo on March 26, 2011 by Gabbi El Mas Negro

Ask my boy what he ate on our recent (amazing, fabulous, wonderful, dreamy) beach camping trip, and  he will give you his biggest grin, exclaiming proudly: “I ate the eyeball!” Yes, the fish eyeball;  and no, despite what the photo below would lead you to think, he was not drunk at the time.

That’s my boy – his papa’s son, through and through!


ABC, baby!

Posted in feeding, Maximo, milestones, words on July 5, 2010 by Gabbi El Mas Negro

Gabbi & I both come from a long line of speed-eaters.  We eat fast, our parents eat fast, their parents probably ate fast, and our kid eats fast.  So, as part of my “slow down the eating machine” initiative to teach Maxxi a more relaxed attitude when it comes to wolfing down his chow, we take breaks between bites to drop the spork, count to ten, and sing the alphabet song.  Maxxi’s gotten pretty good at counting over the past few weeks, and has counted to 4 (in English and Spanish) on his own more than a few times.  But today he floored me when, after hearing the song for about a week, he jumped in right on cue with his ABCs.  22 months.  My kid amazes me every day.


“El Gordo” No Mas

Posted in breastfeeding, feeding, Maximo, Uncategorized on July 30, 2009 by Gabbi El Mas Negro

Maximo was one of those super-chunk babies for his first 6 months, earning him the nickname “El Gordo” (Fattie) with our local Mexican friends.  Babies here tend to be on the smaller side, and he would often outsize babies 6 months his senior.  We were not worried, of course, and sang the praises and powers of awesome breast milk to anyone commenting on his baby-girth.

As expected, once he started moving, crawling, scooting, and climbing all over the place, he has leaned up quite a bit.  His once perfectly round head and chubby-chub cheeks have begun to shape from baby-face into boy-face – a beautiful transition to witness, along with so many others as he grows.  His clothes are fitting for longer periods of time, his legs and arms are considerably less sausage-y, and he hasn’t seemed to be getting much heavier on my hip. He’s even got a new nickname from those who coined “El Gordo”: he is now “El Flaco” (Slim).

gordo-flaco blk

So I didn’t expect his weight to have gone up much when he went for his 11-month checkup today.  But I was surprised to find that he weighs the same (actually 100 grams less), than 3 months ago, clocking in at 8.900 kilos (19.6 pounds).  In 5 ½ months (that’s half his time on earth), he went from the 75th percentile for weight, to the 10th percentile.  Wow, El Flaco indeed.  Nothing to worry about, according to our wonderful Doctora (I should pause here to say that we LOVE our Pediatrician, and finding an awesome, English-speaking, female, progressive, like-minded Physician in Mexico is no small feat), especially since our little man eats and nurses like a champ.  She did recommend we add in some more carbs/grains.  I guess I have tended to shy away from starchy stuff based on some of my reading – we are really conscious of wanting to set our kid up for a lifetime of healthy eating, and kids can so easily get pre-disposed to starchy foods when they are babies and eat lots of cereals, etc.  So we rarely give him cereal, and though I recently rotated some pasta into the mix, I don’t give him a lot of rice/pasta/bread-y type grains either.  I had to laugh to myself that I have inadvertently had him on a sort of “South Beach Baby Diet” – all veggies, fruits, yogurt, cheese, eggs, and lean proteins like chicken & fish.  I guess it’s time to carbo load, y’all.  No if only he would stop moving around so much…


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Pesto Pasta with Mahi-Mahi

Our friend Daniel – who, aside from being our favorite wise wizard and a generally amazing human, is an organic gardening guru – recently brought us an armful of gorgeous, green, fragrant basil from his jardin in the jungle.  So  I made pesto, including a batch sin pine-nuts for young Maximo’s enjoyment.

At about the same time – the food Goddesses smiling upon us with their delightful bounty – some clients of ours went on a fishing trip and caught 16, yes sixteen, dorado (aka mahi-mahi).  So we came into some fish.  I made a ridiculous amount of ceviche for the adults in the house, and poached some of the fish for Maxxi.

All of this came together as Pesto Pasta with Mahi-Mahi.  I guess I could write an official recipe, but that seems a little silly when it really just comes down to this:  I processed the basil with parmesan and a little olive oil, tossed it with chopped up veggie bowtie pasta, and then tossed that with tiny little pieces of poached fish.



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what’s on the menu this week?


Succotash Smash

1 cup Frozen Corn

1 cup Frozen Peas

1 cup Carrots* – peeled & cut into chunks

Steam carrots until tender.  Boil and drain corn and peas.  I read that pea and corn husks are indigestible to young babes, so instead of whizzing this up in the mini-cuis, I used my hand-crank baby-food grinder, which took a while longer since I had to do it (by hand) in three batches, but the final product had a nice slightly chunky texture.  This tastes like the freshest, purest, summer veggie dish – yum!

*for a tasty variation, try subbing garbanzo beans for the carrots

Chicken & Apples

3-4 Apples, peeled & cored

1 cup Chicken Breast – shredded/chopped

I never would have thought to make this combo until my friend Leslie was visiting and was feeding her son Gerber Chicken and Apples.  It’s super delicious, and also quick and easy to make.  Steam apples until tender.  Poach chicken and chop into chunks, or used canned chicken breast and rinse well to remove excess salt.  Blend it all up in the device of your choosing, and voila!  Sweet, savory goodness.


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A look at what’s on Maximo’s plate this week, and how I made it:


Cheezy C’s

~2 cups Cauliflower – cut into small florets

~2 cups Carrots – peeled & cut into chunks

~1 cup Chicken Breast – shredded/chopped

~½ cup Cheese – grated


Steam cauliflower & carrots until tender.  Boil and shred or chop chicken breast.  Alternately (easy route!), use canned chicken breast but rinse well with water to remove excess salt.  Puree all ingredients (I use a Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus) with cheese and enough milk to make a slightly chunky puree.   Super delicious – I can’t stop sneaking bites.



Posted in feeding, Maximo on June 8, 2009 by Gabbi El Mas Negro

Lately, I have been feeding my son from my mouth.  You know, birdy-style.  Born of practicality, what started as merely hands-free-technique has evolved into something more personal… our own sweet special little bonding moments.  When I take a bite of something – Maximo hanging out on my left hip where he can often be found – and he opens his little beak wide for a taste, it melts my heart.

birdy style

Yes, I know it’s a little weird, but it is also the most natural thing in the world.  Nursing, snuggling, sling-ing, birdy-feeding, even diapering – these are the fleeting moments of motherhood, the ones I know I will miss when they pass, and I treasure each sacred one.