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Los Fantasmi Fantasmas at Open Mic

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Ugly Girl, Midnight Voyage, and Christmas Tree’s on Fire – Yee-haw!


Los Gatos Negros – Debut Performance!!

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Check it out on my man’s blog —

Check My Band!!

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My Dad turned 60 on Friday, and we threw him the ass-kickin’-est party e’er there was… a full on rock concert at Sayulita’s amazing Brisamar Palapa, with Mariachis, and live performances by Los Fantasmi Fantasmas (me, Gabbi & my dad Billy), Los Tikkilyches of Sayulita, Los Gatos Negros de Sayulita (yes, I am now in this band singing backup and soon to be playing bass on my sweet new short scale after I get a few lessons in me), and my dad’s own Junkyard Jane.  Best party ever, and most fun I have had since my wedding, surely.  Here is a video of us, Los Fantasmi Fantasmas.  [I am pasting the link instead of embedding, as the embedded version on this page doesn’t show the full widescreen picture, so you will need to watch it directly from youtube… xo]

Gatos Negros video to follow as soon as we figure out how to upload it’s absolute epic-ness, which is, well, epic.

And here is us at Don Pato’s open mic last Tuesday, our debut public performance (my new electric ukulele ROCKS!):

La Gata Nueva

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Los Gatos Negros de Sayulita, ahora con mas SEXY!

Happy Birthday, Dad

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We’ve come a long way, you and I.  Thank you for being a wonderful loving Father (and Grampa), a model of what a good man can be, a rowdy crack-up of a friend, a free-spirited follower of dreams, and my biggest fan since day one.  I adore you, I worship you, I love you, and I am who I am because of you and all the gifts you have given me from your heart and soul.

Happy 60th Dad!  Now let the wild rumpus start!