Big Haircuts!

It’s been a big week for grooming around the Villarrubia house.  Gab took Maxxi for a haircut on Saturday, which makes him look so BOY-ish, and ever-yet-still more adorable.  Gab had his own hair cut uber-short and is looking uber-hot, and I spent a few hours today with the lovely Kori Walker, who winters in Sayulita and summers in Truckee (she even cuts our bestest friend Jay Heapy’s hair, all the way back there in the heart of the Sierra!).  I love my new haircut and color – she managed to take a little length off and give me a “new feeling” look, without losing the long-haired-lady look that I love, and I even let her put a rooster feather in my hair.  Yes, a rooster feather.  Apparently, they are from happy, humanely farmed California roosters, and only taken from the birds after they have otherwise died from natural causes.  Ironic having an imported rooster feather when there are about 50 roosters in a 50-foot radius from my house.  mmmm, irony.

“Like your feather.”

my dreamy duo

“Like your feather.”

One Response to “Big Haircuts!”

  1. I like the pretty lady!

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