My Boy, My Joy

My boy – what joy he brings me each day.  Some days also have their share of frustration (more on this later, and my need/desire/struggle to be more…n…..t.), as he stretches his toddler boy wings and asserts his will oh-so-strongly.  Today (most days, every day) I reflect on the loveliness.  So much loveliness and love coming from that boy, it takes my breath away.  My son, my boy, my no-longer-baby, who speaks in full sentences, recites complete books, sings entire songs… who reasons and questions and weighs his options and is starting to understand consequence.  My boy, who sits quietly playing by himself, talking and imagining, re-playing stories from his books and movies, inserting himself into their imagined world, and bringing the characters back into his.

My boy, who rocks out like a maniac on the drums, singing at top volume, dancing like a rock star owning the stage.

My boy, running on the beach, riding horses and building sandcastles with mommy, walking and playing with daddy, throwing the frisbee with us, washing his hands free of sand again and again and again.

My boy, who loves his bedtime books, and has a new tradition started with daddy of just sitting and talking before going to sleep.  “Daddy, can we talk awhile?”


My boy, mi familia = LOVE


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