Scissors on a String

Living in Mexico keeps you on your toes.  Stairs without rails, scorpions, dirty water, drivers passing on blind corners at blinding speeds.  To the faint of heart, it surely must seem like a risky operation.  But for those of us who have chosen to hang our hats here, it’s just life.  I like to think that these little challenges serve to heighten our awareness of our surroundings and how we move through the world.  Life in the States is so tied up in regulations, warning labels, safety codes, and litigation (or the fear thereof) that it’s easy to move through one’s world in a state of oblivious zombie bliss.

Still, every now and then, I see something on the streets of my little pueblo that gives me pause.  Like the woman driving the ATV one-handed while holding her very small baby in the other; or the guy piping churro batter into a giant open bowl of hot oil teetering on top of a rickety stand.  A few days ago, as we sat eating tacos from the stand on the corner (in and of itself a risky prospect at times), a young boy walked out of his home, stood on the street in front of us, and began swinging in the air, yes, you guessed it – a pair of scissors.  on a fucking string.  Toys for tots?  I think we could use a little help south of the border.



3 Responses to “Scissors on a String”

  1. I cannot remember how many times we felt the same way. I love the Wild West experience and completely agree that there is a part of it that makes you more aware, more interested more conscious of what is around you and what we often take for granted. At the same time, we began a log of the crazy/dangerous/stupid things we saw. One of my favs was a guy on a ladder painting the outside of a fast food restaurant-you guessed it-right in the middle of the pull up window for cars. Got to love it.

  2. Oh, yes the churro guy with the vat of scalding hot grease gets me everytime. But it doesn’t deter us, I just send my husband over, not my 6 year-old to make the purchase.

  3. You sum it up perfectly. Sometimes we did not know if we should laugh or cry but I guess we settled for laughter! Much better. It is that sense of life , not “auto-pilot” that brings us down to be with beautiful people such as yourself. see you soon

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