To King Maxxi, On Your Very First Birthday

Here are a just a few of the things that I absolutely love and adore about you, right now:

  • The many ways you say “Ma-ma!,” with: sweetness, urgency, need, frustration, love.
  • Your face lighting up when I walk into a room.
  • How you call my name when you wake up in the morning.
  • Your need to switch boobs every few minutes when you are nursing.
  • The way you tug on my shirt to get at my chi-chis.
  • How you pop up from nursing in the early morning, look over at your sleeping father, smile so wide in the dark, clap your little hands and say “Daddy!”
  • Your belly laughs when I tickle your neck.
  • Your chuckles when we ask you, “Where’s your weenie?”
  • The way you throw your arms around my neck when I pick you up off the bed.
  • How you lay your head on your Nona’s shoulder and fall asleep in her arms.
  • When you point at each of the butterflies tattooed on my arm, like reading your favorite book.
  • The way you shake your thing, tiny dancer.
  • Your incessant flirting; your sometimes shyness.
  • Splashing in the bathtub, and family baths.
  • Naked time.
  • That your books are your favorites of all your (many) toys.
  • You brushed your own teeth this morning.
  • How you see, analyze, copy, and figure out everything going on around you.
  • When you grab your favorite book from the bin, open it, point to a picture, and look at me with your big brown eyes.
  • Those eyes.
  • Your sort-of fading obsession with carrying around your spoon all day long.
  • How you will eat almost everything I put in front of you.
  • How you would not eat raw zucchini from your food-net-popsicle-thingy.  Duh.
  • When the other baby took your toy, the way you quietly waited for him to put it down, and then quietly reclaimed it.
  • You rub your hands over your arms, mimicking the action of us applying your powder and bug spray.
  • Peek-a-boo.
  • How you squirm and arch every time we put you in your car seat or the stroller.
  • How you light up when your Daddy walks into the room.
  • Playing hide-n-seek with the bedtime books that Daddy is about to read you.
  • You turning the book pages yourself.
  • The way you turn around to climb down, just like I taught you.
  • How you seemed present for each birthday present.
  • You couldn’t get enough of the special cake I made you.
  • The way your Grandparents look at you.
  • How you nuzzle into my neck.
  • How each moment is brand new.
  • How you are so much US, and so much more YOU.
  • How many years we have ahead of us…
  • You are my sun – my Son – and that will never change, no matter how much else does.

Love Always, Mommy


2 Responses to “To King Maxxi, On Your Very First Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday Maximo!
    Andrea, I loved the the birthday letter to Max! You two continue to inspire me as a mother 🙂 I wish I had a better grasp on technology so I could do a better job and posting pics and stories for my friends and family! My own Maxim turns one next week and I too have been reflecting on the first year of intense love for this little man. The house looks beautiful, and may everyone continue to be blessed with health and happiness!

    • Thank you for the sweet comments! Isn’t it amazing to celebrate your son’s first birthday? We spent much time reflecting on our growth during this first year as parents, and celebrating all of the accomplishments of the year for all of us. This first birthday is really as much a celebration (or more) for us than for him, since he doesn’t know what a birthday is yet. With Grandparents here, we were able to go out alone the night before his birthday, and that was a really nice way of reflecting on where we had been 1 year before, in the middle of labor, about to become flesh-and-blood parents, and the magic of it all. Have fun celebrating with Beau & Maxim, and, as we say in Mexico, “Muchas Felicidades” to you 3 on an amazing accomplishment of “completing” this first year. Cheers! Andrea

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